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Mojave and RX 580 – Black screen

I bought a Sapphire Technology Technology Radeon Pulse RX 580 back in March in order to update a Mac 5,1 to Mojave. It has been working great running 3 screens and drawing tablet (digital artist dream) then over a weekend the screen would not turn on. I have tired numerous things and have came to the conclusion that the drive will not boot when the monitor is plugged in to the card. I have swapped other bays with 10.11, 12, 13 on them and the card works fine under different OS boots. Even installed an older original GC card into slot and moved the sapphire to another with no issues. I am trying to run recovery to reinstall the OS but no card (the card is not powering monitor when booted but is still installed) no install because of "Metal compatibility". I am trying not to wipe drive because there is an old app installed and the user cannot find the serial number so I cannot reinstall. User thought they had time machine on but… . Is there some way to target disk to a different Mac or graphic driver reinstall? I have ran out of ideas

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