macOS Catalina

Files not showing up in Finder (Catalina)

Files saved from Adobe Photoshop CC this morning can be seen in, and opened from, 'recent files' in Photoshop, but not visible in finder, or Spotlight.

I'm a frequent flyer, so accustomed to the hierarchy of the folders and have never had this problem before. I've tried searching by file name and as one of the files is still open in Photoshop I have checked save-as to check I likely saved it to the intended folder. All is as is it should otherwise be.

When I go to an online file transfer service I can see the files in the expected folder and seemingly upload them (so am now sending them to myself and expect to find them in Downloads, so not panicking about losing them entirely, but clearly can't work like this.

Any ideas on what is going on here and how to fix it would be really welcome.

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