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A week old iPhone 11 Pro glass fracture – am I crazy or is there something Apple won't share with us?

So my subject line says it all — I've had my new 11 Pro for exactly one week and I noticed a glass fracture on the lower right-hand corner of the phone. Needless to say there is no impact site on the glass surface that can be seen neither by a naked eye nor by 80x microscope (yep I have access to a lab).

The obvious unspoken details are in place: no drop, no vice or hammer or angle grinder nor whatever "thing" that may have come in contact with the iPhone.

The Apple Store staff was super nice but I got the expected answer. Change the glass for $275 if you care about aesthetic but otherwise the fracture is hairline and isn't impacting functionality.

And that is the truth: it is only visible when the back light is OFF and external source is reflecting upon the surface. Of course it is also visible under the microscope AND it can be felt by catching a nail.

So in summary what's your advice here? I've seen several posts about mysterious glass fractures so count me in. Other than that yah, I am ****** for dropping a grand and dealing with this. I mean if I smashed the phone that would be so much better – it's on me so I'll be cool and I've smashed phones in my youth but this, well this is something else and I'm not a happy camper. The absence of causality does **** me off!

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