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Poor iPhone 11 camera quality

I just upgraded from my 3 year old iPhone 7 to a new iPhone 11 two days ago, and was seriously disappointed and angry at the camera quality. I used to have an iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone 4. I have never experienced such poor camera quality. I am aware the iPhone 11 is the cheapest model from the iPhone 11 series but I was expecting way better from Apple.

I am someone who likes to take pictures and video’s on my phone so a good camera is very important to me.

The iPhone 11 camera quality is yellow-ish, blurry and overall very bad, especially when the lighting is a bit darker, which should not be a problem for an iPhone. It really reminds me of an old Android camera. I have tried taking pictures with both front and back lenses, in different lighting, but I keep getting this “cheap” quality.

I am so disappointed because I think my new purple iPhone 11 is so beautiful, and I’ve always had iPhone’s with excellent camera quality, but this iPhone 11 camera issue is really bugging me. I am tempted to get rid of this phone and get a different model if this camera issue can not be fixed.

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same thing?

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