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My paid iCloud Drive is not working and Apple doesn't care?


I have Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone. I am used to using iCloud Drive for syncing my docs. But it stopped working. (I am paying for 200GB option). So basically my paid feature is not working. It works on my iPad and iPhone but not on my Mac. If I create a file in Finder for example… it won't sync. I am only able to use the iCloud Drive web.

I have to deal with support in the Czech Republic and they are not able to help me. I spend more than 2 hours solving this problem – because "something in libraries went wrong". We tried everything… singing out and in from all iCloud on all devices and much more.

The only solution that was offered by Apple is… That I should create a new user profile. I asked if I can transfer to this profile my user settings and other things, that I need for my work… the answer is: "No". So I asked if it would be possible to solve my problem with my current user profile. A guy from support said that it would take aaaalot of time so if I am ready to wait for a solution. Now I am more than a month without iCloud Drive so… Yes, I am able to wait a bit longer. And… Then he stopped communicating with me. He said, that I can contact him on email, but he is not responding…

I don't want to spend more hours waiting on the line for solutions that are not working.

I just want to have reliable iCloud Drive syncing all my docs across all my devices… is it that much?

I also have my case number: 100934317243

Honestly, this is a horrible customer support experience for me. And I made a promise, that if this won't be fixed very soon I will take all my docs elsewhere… But I really loved the convenience of iCloud Drive. So I hope, it could be fixed?

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