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Problems playing random music by couple different artists

Hello, I would really appreciate some help, if at all possible.

I use my Apple music subscription quite often. I use the App on my phone. I also use it through my Echo Dot. Within the last few months, I have come across an odd problem. 2 artists that I love listening to, won’t play randomly, anymore. what I mean by this is, I can no longer say, play Weird Al. When I used to do this, Apple music would then play several of his songs. Now however, if I ask, play Weird Al, only 2 songs will play. This does not change, if I try to skip to the next song.

This is also happening with another band I listen to, quite regularly. And this 1 just started more recently. I used to be able to say, play For King and Country. Then random music from this band would play.

However, now whenn I try this, only 2 songs will play. This happens rather I access the music App on my iPhone 10 XR. Or if I ask my Echo Dot to play the music. The default music App set up with my Echo Dot is, Apple music.

What could be going on? And is there a way to fix this?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you!

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