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Do Google Drive File Stream contains a malware?


Since I installed Google Drive File Stream, my MacBook Pro became very unstable. 

I had a lot a file to be transferred to the cloud and it looks like Google Drive File Stream use a lot of memory to transfer those files… 

My new MacBook Pro crash 3 times:

First time: the screen became black (black screen of death) and only the "esc" button appears.

Solution: reset NVRAM with the CMD+Option+P+R at boot time… seriously?

Second time: The display get lock and my trackpad did not respond…

Solution: force a reboot with the power button

Third time: The  display get lock and my trackpad did not respond… 

Solution: I plugged Bluetooth trackpad and keyboard and then I can continue working… 

Obviously, this start to appear since I installed Google Drive File Stream…. So maybe MacOS grant too much access for Google Drive File Stream…. 

Oh, and I test it with another MacBook Pro (oldest), same crash…

The last solution uninstall Google Drive File Stream and reinstall MacOs…

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