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Folders on external HD now unix executable – any hope?

Ok, so I suspect this is a result of a Maxtor 4TB external hard drive unfortunately (due to gravity – I know – I was sitting on a sofa when it was connected to my MacBook Pro) falling out of the USB socket back in July. I have now discovered that some of the folders on the drive are reading as unix executable (Zero bytes) when I plug it in to my Macbook. Incidentally I've had this drive for a couple of years and had to install iBoySoft Drive Manager to even read the contents a while back after Apple made changes to the OS.

Some of the folders have photos and videos I'd like to restore if possible. I know with files, you can normally add the extension (eg jpg etc) and they magically become readable again. But is there any solution for a folder which does not have an extension?

Is paid for data recovery on an external hard drive even an option if there is nothing I can do on my Mac? I have a PC as well, which shows the same unix executable files so can't see this making any difference – and in truth I only have the PC for some specific hardware and struggle with doing anything on a PC.

Having done some online research I have yet to find a way of converting a unix executable back to a folder. Can anyone offer a solution? And people – I will never plug in an external hard drive again if I am not working at a desk! Lesson learned.

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