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Hello, I live in Denmark where there are no Apple stores, but instead authorized dealers.

I have an iPad Air 2 with a dying battery which needs to be replaced.

When I call Apple support, the customer service agent doesn't have much of a clue about hardware, and refuses to make recommendations.

I have three options:

  1. Send it in (recommended in green on the web bage for support) for 815.19 DKK (without fees and postage) which will take 6 – 10 days
  2. Call support
  3. Go to an authorized dealer.

When I (2) called support to actually request a price on battery replacement, the poor agent had to speak twice to his manager and only gave me fluffy ***-covering responses. It was rather embarrassing to be fair for him and me. Basically, Apple doesn't even know how much it costs to replace a battery, and the prices vary from 500+ which is what the agent initially said on the phone, but refused to put into writing to over 2000 kroner at Humac, and authorized dealer here in Copenhagen. This conversation took over 15 minutes.

My question is:

What is the best way to replace an iPad battery?

Have others experienced this very poor customer service and inability to get a straight answer?

As a consumer, I would assume that a question of :

"How much would it cost to replace a battery with parts and labor?" would be fairly straight forward for a company that prides itself on ease of use.

Please let me know. Thanks!

Confused in Copenhagen

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