Mac mini

my Mac crashes when shutting down. Every time


I upgraded my MacMini (late 2014) to MacOs Catalina 10.15.1.

I use this unit as music-player.

It's usually offline, when I need to get online with it, I connect it through a iPhone-hotspot.

It is running launchbar, 1Password, and BitPerfect.

Every—every—time I shut it down (because I'm not in the atelier that often), it crashes:

It turn off, displays the bleck screen with the notice that due to some nasty error the computer had to be rebooted. The next attempt (without doing anything but hitting the shut-down-shortcut), it shuts.

That does not seem to be good, doesn't it?

I tried to:

  • get online before shutting down,
  • get offline before shutting down,
  • quit everything including background apps
  • leave everything running including background apps

nothing helps.

any help, anyone?

Thank you!

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