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Solo 3 beats by dre

DO NOT BUY beats. They do not stand behind their product at all. These are expensive headphones but are cheaply made. At just over a years time my daughters beats solo 3's are falling apart. She meticulously takes care of these things, she still has the box, the owners manual etc. I have contacted Beats and their only option was to "repair" them at the low low cost of 136.00 a new pair is 145.00 at Best Buy. When I messaged them this fact they stopped responding to my messages. HORRIBLE customer service and horrible product. They know about the issue but they don't fix it and refuse to recall or stand behind the product. WE WILL NEVER purchase beats again. Beats should be ashamed of themselves for taking over 200.00 for a then 12 year old little girl. She has taken amazing care of these stupid headphones and now I have to tell her that beats won't do what's right and fix the problem.

Both apple and beats refuse to stand behind their product. I am very disappointed that after being an apple family for well over 16 years, every computer, phone and extra product we purchase is almost always apple. This will be changing. If apple refused to stand behind their product we refuse to stand behind them. I have taken all the necessary channels to try and rectify this situation and apple and beats just said too bad sorry we made a bad product but it is going to come at your 13 year old daughters loss. It is a shame she spent over 200.00 for a years worth of use of this product.

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