macOS Catalina

GPU shuts down in eGPU case during boot

I finally updated to Catalina early last week, after which my Mac Mini did boot for a time. I know there have been many reported issues with the RX570/580 (I'm using a 570) and a firmware update, but I'm not certain of the current state of things. Two questions if anyone can help:

  1. I've updated to 10.15.1, which some have reported fixed the error. Has this been the case for all of you using these graphics cards? Or are there still ongoing issues?
  2. I wonder if my experience is the same. When I have my card and Razer Core X connected, the screen loads and the Mini starts to boot slowly. At some point, I get artifacts on the screen and a few seconds later the GPU fans shut off (the Core X fans keep running). Is this what others are experiencing? I'd like to know to make certain I don't have a bad eGPU system. I do know the GPU is working.


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