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MacBook Pro HDMI connection to AV receiver gives Blue Screen on TV


I have been connecting my MacBook Pro 2017 to my Denon AV receiver using an HDMI cable and an AUKEY CB-C55 adapter (since this laptop only has 4 thunderbolt ports). Then I could get the screen of the laptop mirrored at my TV (the TV is a Pioneer Kuro 50-inch and gets the audio and video signals only through the receiver) and I could use it as a monitor to watch videos. Of course I also had sound, and I often listened to music like this.

All was working great until… MacOS Catalina came. Now I cannot mirror the screen of my MacBook to the TV anymore. Whenever I connect the HDMI cable to my Mac, I get the screen mirrored at the TV for 5 seconds and then… a blue screen appears at the TV. The Mac screen is normal. I can't get to overcome this problem no matter what I try. If I connect the HDMI cable from my Mac to the TV HDMI input directly, bypassing the receiver, everything works great!

Has anyone faced such a problem? Any ideas for what's happening? Is there a way to go through the receiver? Any help will be really appreciated!



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