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Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don’t like everything

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
The first thing that catches your eye after the iPhone Xs Max is the display. After all, we spend 100% of our time in it. And often I personally do not care much about what is behind.

This is pure flavoring, which you forget about almost immediately after purchase. Agree, you rarely look at the back of your smartphone. Lies in the hand normally and approx. Moreover, many cover it with covers or stickers.

But a lot of time is spent on the screen of the gadget, user-experience depends on it. And here I am ready to single out two points after the OLED iPhone:

1. The frames are very thick, but you forget about them anyway.
2. Apple’s LCD is high-quality, and I rarely see the difference with OLED.

Alas, the iPhone 11 has adopted the huge (by today’s standards) frames around the display from the iPhone XR, and you will have to put up with it after the iPhone X or Xs. However, I personally did not put up, and it was getting used to them again. The process took only a couple of days, then it completely stopped being distracted by them.

When you print text, watch a video or play, you observe the process itself, and do not look at the edges of the screen. Frames are striking only if you look at them intentionally.
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In combination with the dark theme of iOS 13 and dark wallpaper, you completely forget about

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
On bright wallpaper the frames are nevertheless clearly visible

As for the IPS-matrix in iPhone 11, everything here is a little more complicated. If you see pixels fiercely, then even the LCD in the new iPhone will not save. All the same, you will continue to see them. But, in my opinion, the display is just excellent.

Yes, it is worse than OLED, I won’t even argue with that. It is not so saturated and less bright. There is no true black, as gray shades periodically remind of when the screen is off. It seems like this is the last century.

But while using the device I do not feel any discomfort. It is clear enough and works fine. I don’t know what else I need.

Regarding the size of the screen, I continue to hold my own opinion. He’s perfect. Now the iPhone X seems small, and the iPhone 11 Pro is a shovel.

Probably I will never understand people who need more than 6.1 inches, but also 6.5. About 7-inch devices in general I am silent. Where do you have so much space? There is a tablet for this. The smartphone already barely fits into my pocket.

2. The sound is just fantastic

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
What I did not expect from the iPhone was a cool sound. Here I am a little disingenuous: the iPhone has always produced clear and clear sound. But they somehow do not reach the level of iPhone 11.

I haven’t heard such a saturated number anywhere: for the first time you feel the bass, it doesn’t sound even at maximum, and the speaker itself is incredibly loud.

And in a video with Dolby Atmos support, in particular, in Apple TV + … it’s some kind of pleasure. Especially when you hear how thin echoes behind the display fly behind your head. And no, the “atmosphere” here, of course, is not the same as that of a home theater. But for a smartphone it’s just aerobatics.

3. The battery dies quickly

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
I did not expect me to be so upset with the battery of new iPhones. In any case, the iPhone 11.

It would seem that Apple has increased it a little more compared to the previous generation, and everything should be great. But no. I’m constantly working with this device, the average screen time is 11 hours a day.

And if the iPhone Xs Max started to lose its capacity only six months later and without the Optimized charging function (after 80%, the charge level rises very slowly, to reduce battery wear), the iPhone 11 is already left with 97% capacity.

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
iPhone 11 with particularly heavy use I’m missing ironically until the end of the day.

If you use it not as a tool, but for everyday tasks (a bit of YouTube, games, books, communication on social networks and so on), that is, all chances Finish 100% by the end of the second day. But there is a fact of too quick wear and tear.

4. Camera and Face ID work fine

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
Updated Face ID constantly reminds itself. It does not work faster than the iPhone Xs Max with iOS 13 on board. But he knows how to use a wider angle to identify the user.

The latter is constantly pleasing, because you no longer have to reach for the smartphone. He reads his face from an arm’s length and at an angle of about 30-35 degrees. That is, you can put the device in front of you, even push it a bit, and he still recognizes its owner. Just super!
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I have two opinions on the camera:

First: the main module shoots amazingly, especially in the dark. Photos get saturated and quite lively, not overexposed, as Android manufacturers like to do.

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
iPhone 11, main camera, time 21:30

I’m silent about Deep Fusion, Apple he twisted it a bit to iOS 13.3 beta 2, there is no super-high definition anymore. Everything looks natural and high quality.

An ultra-wide angle lens sometimes helps to capture great views. But he is critically short of aperture.

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
iPhone 11, ultra-wide-angle camera, time 21:05

Second: the telephoto is very lacking. I used to think that I didn’t use it that often, I rarely have to zoom and stuff. But iPhone 11 doesn’t have it, the images with the approximation turn out to be soapy and not very beautiful.

This is especially noticeable in the portrait, which can not cope with small details, because the camera simply does not see them. Well, the 5x digital zoom is also not happy. The video is generally 3x.

What is this in 2019? Sometimes even the relatively old iPhone 7 Plus feels better.

5. The display is incredibly fragile

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
Nikita in his article noted the excellent workmanship of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Basically, he praised the back panel. And it is really resistant to breakdowns and scratches.

For 2 months of not very careful use, there is no sign of operation on it, apart from fingerprints.

But I can’t say about the front the same. She is shamelessly scratching herself against the air. My acquaintances even had cases when there was already at least one scratch on the glass right out of the box on the screen.

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
Yes, and the camera is not doing better: scuffing is possible around it. Barely noticeable, not particularly critical, but it still exists.

This is a problem not only of the “eleventh” iPhones, but of all new products in general. If I used to go without a protective glass, now I’m starting to think about it until the whole front panel is scratched.

The most important minus of the iPhone 11 is the same iPhone

Impressions of the iPhone 11 after 2 months. Don't like everything
No matter how stupid it sounds now, but it’s an iPhone. The same one that I used a year, two, five years ago. There is absolutely nothing new in it.

I can’t immediately tell anyone why the iPhone 11 is really different from the iPhone X. Compared to very old devices, the framework, display form factor and management methods. But … essentially that’s it.

Already the canonical desktop has remained the same for over 10 years. For all the time, icon painting and management methods have critically changed. Regardless of the design of the iPhone, inside, in fact, it remains the same device in which there are few cosmetic changes.

It took me about 6 years to specifically get tired of this performance. The dark theme only slightly delayed my indignation, introducing at least some visual innovation. But behind this wrapper is still the same candy. More and more functions are added with each firmware, but you no longer have time to use them. Yes, and you forget about the good half.

Android manufacturers are constantly scampering and trying to surprise users with something new even visually. Apple adheres to the old tactics and does not change the appearance of the operating system at all. This is completely boring and even the amazingly redesigned camera of the iPhone 11 does not save. Something needs to be done.

And this claim is not specific to this iPhone, but rather to the latest versions of iOS.

It would be better if I stayed on iPhone Xs Max or took a simple iPhone Xs. There is absolutely nothing in the new product to run and take it headlong.

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