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8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13

8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13
We already said that dark tones on the screen help conserve battery power. The nightly theme of iOS 13 design just contributes to this.

Tip will be relevant only for models with OLED-matrices: iPhone X / Xs / 11 Pro. Models with iPhone 11 / XR IPS screens and earlier in flight.

How to configure: at least turn on a dark theme on a schedule in the evening on the way Settings – Screen and brightness – Automatic, and turn on the economical as a maximum design on an ongoing basis.

2. Disable Wi-Fi assistance

8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13
This option allows the smartphone to switch to mobile Internet when the Wi-Fi connection signal becomes weak.

On the one hand, the chip is useful, but on the other – when exactly the iPhone decides to switch, no one knows for sure. A small network failure, a trip to a room far from the router, or Wi-Fi congestion will lead to frequent LTE activation.

As a result, the smartphone will discharge faster and consume mobile traffic when Wi-Fi is available nearby. It’s better to disable this option.

How to configure: go to Settings – Cellular data and turn off Wi-Fi Help at the bottom of the page.

3. Disable auto-connect to public Wi-Fi networks

8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13
Since we have forbidden the smartphone to switch to mobile Internet with a weak Wi-Fi connection, you should refuse to automatically connect to to public access points.

So those who walk past a cafe with weak Wi-Fi daily, do not like to connect to a work network, do not want to use access points at a train station or at the airport, may prohibit auto-connection.

How to configure: in the coverage area of ​​the weak point, go to Settings – Wi-Fi, click on the “i” icon and turn off switch Auto-connect, or do click Forget this network.

4. Configuring access to geolocation

8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13
A subtle but useful innovation in iOS 13 is the new algorithm for providing access to the iPhone GPS module.

Now you can not only allow or deny access to geolocation for a specific application, but also select access with a regular request.

So the application will ask permission to determine the user’s location every time it starts. On the one hand, this adds an additional dialog box to the program, but on the other hand it allows you to work without the geolocation program and save battery power if necessary.

How to configure: go to Settings – Privacy – Geolocation Services, open the application and change the value to Ask next time.

5. We include a request to download large applications for LTE

8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13
Another subtle feature allows you to not only download large programs and their updates via the mobile Internet.

Using the new option, you can monitor the downloading of large amounts of data both to save traffic and save battery power.

How to configure: open the Settings menu – iTunes Store and App Store – Applications and select Ask if more than 200 MB. So a voluminous update of the game, which unexpectedly arrives in the middle of the working day, will not drain the iPhone’s battery.

6. Disable auto-connect to the access point on other devices and computers

8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13
In iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, you can set up an automatic connection to the iPhone Internet distributor without prompts and dialog boxes.

This is useful when all your gadgets are actively used in the Apple ecosystem, but it can quickly drain the iPhone’s battery.

How to configure: on iOS, go to Settings – Wi-Fi – Auto-access to the point and select the option ask, but on macOS we check the flag here: System Settings – Network – Wi-Fi – Ask about connecting to personal access points.

7. We suppress unnecessary dialogs in the correspondence iMessage

8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13
One of the main changes in the Messages application is designed to distract the user from important matters less. You can prohibit notifications from unnecessary subscribers or chats.

So the smartphone will not turn on the screen and make a sound when new messages arrive, respectively, the battery will live longer on one charge.

How to configure: find unnecessary chat in the Messages application, do a side swipe to the left and select Hide notifications.

8. Disconnect calls from unknown subscribers

8 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life on iOS 13
This method helps to protect the user from unnecessary calls. The smartphone will jam all calls from numbers that are not in the iPhone’s contact book.

Turn on the chip and no more calls from collectors, call centers or bank employees. The iPhone battery will be grateful.

How to configure: go to Settings – Phone and turn on the option Mute unknowns.

Now your iPhone will definitely live for several hours longer without being connected to a charge.

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