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10 useful features of the Files app in iOS

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
The main feature of the application is the ability to store any types of files, even those that cannot be opened in any application on the smartphone.

So the iPhone can act as a temporary storage of data and is easy to use as a wireless flash drive when AirDrop help.

Just for the sake of such an opportunity, you should keep the Files application on your device, it will come in handy.

2. The application has a built-in archiver

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
The second most important feature is the built-in archiver. Without additional manipulations and applications, you can open the resulting archive or pack the necessary data.

At the current data transfer speed and storage capacity, file compression does not have a tangible effect, but transferring and storing one archive instead of hundreds of files is always more convenient.

You just need to pinch the file until the context menu appears and select Compress to add to the archive or Unzip to unzip.

3. Through the program, you can access iCloud

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
The easiest way to get files from the Apple cloud on iPhone is to use the native file manager.

You will immediately see all the folders and files from the cloud and you can download the necessary data to your smartphone.

If you also enable the storage of documents and files from the desktop in the cloud on Mac (System Settings – Apple ID – iCloud – Documents), then on the iPhone you can always see all the working files from these folders.

4. It is convenient to share files from iCloud

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
Directly from the application you can share any data from your cloud and manage file permissions.

For access control settings do the following:

▸ open the desired iCloud folder in the Files

application ▸ click Select and mark the data you want to give access to

in the menu Share, find the item Add users

▸ add users and rights to view or edit

The link to the file can be sent by mail or via the messenger.

5. M zhno connect other cloud

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
Besides native cloud iCloud Files application works fine with other cloud storage. Most popular services have long been finalized by their clients and you don’t have to manually configure anything.

Press the button with three dots in the upper right corner and add the connection to the desired cloud. Of course, the corresponding client must be installed on the iPhone.

6. In the application, it is convenient to store confidential photos

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
One of the iOS chips is the ability to hide some photos from the Photo application. They will have to be stored in the Files application.

We already described the chips in detail in this article.

You can get a good photo and video viewer from the file manager, and there will be no sensitive data “ shine ”in the standard gallery.

7. The program has tags and search

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
iOS developers tried to transfer useful features from the Finder file manager on Mac to the Photo application.

One of the innovations is tag support. You can colorize any data so that you can quickly find all the marked files.

Tags will be saved when transferring the file from iPhone to Mac and vice versa.

Search. In the line, you can enter not only part of the name of the file you are looking for, but also its extension or creation date.

8. Files – storage for downloads from Safari and mail

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
The mobile browser in iOS 13 learned to download any data from the network without problems and crutches. All downloaded files will be stored in the Files application.

It is also convenient to place saved attachments from mail here. No need to re-save them in editing programs or cloud storage.

9. There is support for external drives

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
In iOS 13, Apple’s mobile gadgets have learned to fully work with external drives. Of course, the Files application is useful for viewing data on a USB flash drive or memory card.

With its help you can not only view data, but also copy, cut and paste it in the right place.

Practically full management of files and folders without jailbreak. You only need to purchase the appropriate adapter.

10. Viewing files with columns and quick actions (only on iPad)

10 useful features of the Files app in iOS
Apple tablets received a lot of exclusive chips this fall that are not on the iPhone . The Cupertinos even renamed the operating system for tablets to iPadOS.

There was no exception to the Files application, which added two options for the iPad.

The first option is to view files in columns. Quite comfortable a way to manage files that have been used by all Mac owners for a long time.

The second trick is quick actions with common file types right in the application. For example, special buttons are provided for rotating a photo or converting a picture to PDF.

This is how you can use the Files application on iPhone or iPad with iOS 13.

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