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In iOS 13.3, Active Corners appeared. What is it and how to enable it

With the release of iOS and iPadOS 13.3, the new convenient feature has appeared on iPhone and iPad – Active Corners.

It turns the corners of the screen into active zones, allowing them to be used for instant actions. Just hold the mouse cursor in one of them and something happens.

For example, the Control Center opens, the page scrolls up or down to the end. Or another convenient application is a quick screenshot, so as not to reach for the side buttons.

A similar option has long been in macOS, now it is available on other devices. True, it is unclear how it can be useful on iPhones with a relatively small display.

How to enable Active Angles

1. Open Settings – Universal Access – Touch – Assistive Touch.

2. Go to the Active Angles tab.

3. Select the desired action for each angle.

4. We connect the mouse and use it!

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