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Apple asked to legalize U1 chip from iPhone 11 in Russia

Apple asked to legalize U1 chip from iPhone 11 in Russia
Apple sent a request to the State Commission on Radio Frequencies to legalize the U1 chip installed in iPhone 11 in Russia.

The commission has not yet responded to Apple’s request. Izvestia sources said that the agency was not ready to give a positive answer.

Roskomnadzor provided a negative opinion. Its representatives believe that more research is needed on the operation of U1. Apple needs

frequencies in the 6 GHz band. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Russia requested similar frequencies.

Experts believe that U1 in theory can interfere with the operation of military equipment, but in practice this is unlikely.
Topic: Why do we need a mysterious U1 chip iPhone 11
The U1 chip uses Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology to find devices nearby. Now it allows you to quickly find other Apple devices to transfer files via AirDrop. In the future, it can be used to search for Apple Tag geotags.

In all iPhone 11 in Russia, the U1 chip is turned off. Users cannot activate it themselves. [News]

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