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locked ipad set up by grandchildren and then details altered,

Grandkids set up my new ipad 7 and then gave it to me when they came overseas to visit me. I had some problems so a male friend set me up with a new email address which I think was linked to the iTunes account. I entered wrong password too many times as I am not very tech literate and the ipad became disabled. Had another friend help me with it as I live in a country with no apple help. She was able to research enough for us to start getting problem fixed. Have done a restore but it wont finish setting up as set up to an apple account already. I don't know that email address it was changed to and the man who changed the email address doesn't remember what he changed it to. When I got to the forgotton apple id, it doesn't have any record of the email address ( which I don't know). And when I come across one it may like it says the birthday doesn't match. HELP. I can I fix this and get to use my new ipad

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