On iOS, apps suddenly stopped updating

On iOS, apps suddenly stopped updating
iOS users report a problem with application updates.

After clicking the Refresh button, the download wheel starts spinning, but then nothing happens. At the same time, the home screen shows that the application has been updated.

Some users also do not download new applications.

That’s how the App Store works now

Not everyone has a problem. In the iPhones editorial staff, two people encountered an error, everything works fine for the rest. There are complaints from disgruntled users on Twitter too.

@AppStore I’m unable to update my apps. What’s going on? @AppleSupport @ Apple

– Juan Herrera Jr (@JMHerreraJR) August 27, 2019

There are no problems with Apple. All services work normally, according to Apple System Status.

According to the DownDetector website, the App Store is malfunctioning. Problems are observed all over the world, but mainly in the USA and Europe.

UDP: App Store has earned normally.

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