We launched the FaceHero app. It creates a 3D avatar from one photo.

We launched the FaceHero app. It creates a 3D avatar from one photo.
Made an application that can generate a 3D avatar using just one face photo. And it’s not necessary with data from a TrueDepth camera in iPhone X / Xs / XR.

For this, we have developed neural networks that can turn selfies into three-dimensional busts of people with excellent texture. An example of the work below is Keanu Reeves on one photo from Google: 1.mp4
You’re breathtaking!

We did not stop there. First, we made it so that the avatar could be animated. Our 3D artists created several animations of different emotions: for example, an avatar can send a kiss or get very angry.

And you can also animate avatars in real time – you wink or say something, and he repeats after you (just like in Animoji and Memoji).

We also have AR mode: for example, you can put an animated avatar directly on your table.

We launched the FaceHero app. It creates a 3D avatar from one photo.

Personal data is protected by your device

After we already released a couple of releases, Apple categorically refused to approve the new version she said that now we have to carry out all the calculations locally, without using a server.

For us, this meant that we needed all our algorithms, including large neural networks, and the resources for generating the model to be transferred from the server to the phone.

In addition, we wanted to make the application less than 150Mb so that users could download it without using WiFi. 2.mp4
As a result, their requirement made our application only better. User data now doesn’t leave the device, and the calculations have been greatly optimized – so that on iPhone X they work faster than 25 seconds, and before it was about 40 due to sending a photo and downloading the model.

Plus the whole process of porting to the device took us much less time than we expected.

You can even make stickers

from avatars We looked at how people use our product and realized that users often fumble emotions, for example in messages.

Therefore we ourselves generated are beautiful e avatar stickers that are convenient to fumble into various applications and highlighted this functionality in a separate FaceHero Stickers application.

For iMessage we made a plug-in with which you can send a sticker with one touch. We also added a sticker keyboard to iOS for all other applications, and in the next version it will be possible to import a whole set of stickers into WhatsApp.

We launched the FaceHero app. It creates a 3D avatar from one photo.
Our plans for the future are to continue improving texture and rendering of models and add more cool ones animations and stickers.

All applications work without the Internet and do not send your data anywhere. And for free. And without ads. And registration.

Here are the links to them: FaceHero, FaceHero Stickers.

I will be glad to any comments and suggestions on new features or improvement of old ones.

P.S. Take photos in good lighting, avatars will be much better;)

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