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There were photos of the iPhone XR 2 in new colors. This is game

There were photos of the iPhone XR 2 in new colors. This is game
Bloomberg journalist Mark Gourmet has published photos of glass that will be installed in the next generation iPhone XR. Judging by them, Apple will release a lavender and green iPhone.

With a tweet, Gourmet confirmed information from the Macotakara site, which was the first to report new colors.

And here’s what appears to be your next- generation iPhone XR colors (lavender purple and green instead of blue and coral) as @idanbo reported earlier this week: https://t.co/KQQ6JKmZg9 pic.twitter.com/7k3WZC2ZUi/p

– Mark Gurman ( @markgurman) May 14, 2019

Lavender and green will replace the blue and coral of the current generation iPhone XR. The smartphone will also be available in yellow, red, black and white.

Apple has already released the iPhone 5c in green, but lavender on the iPhone will appear for the first time.

The main change in the second generation iPhone XR will be a dual camera. Presumably, the smartphone will receive reverse wireless charging and an increased battery.

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