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Officially: iPhone 11 Pro only has 4 GB of RAM

Officially: iPhone 11 Pro only has 4 GB of RAM
Earlier, insiders said, citing reliable sources, that the iPhone 11 Pro has 6 GB of RAM. But a couple of days later this information was refuted by AnTuTu and Geekbench. Now TENAA has been added to the list.

For comparison, last year’s iPhone performance in TENAA.

▪️ iPhone XR: 2942 mAh and 3 GB RAM
▪️ iPhone XS: 2658 mAh and 4 GB RAM
▪️ iPhone XS Max: 3174 mAh and 4 GB RAM

A curious fact. The iPhone 11 has a larger battery than the iPhone 11 Pro, but officially “not pro” works an hour less than the “pro”. Perhaps this is due to the greater energy efficiency of OLED displays in front of the LCD. [MacRumors]

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