iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro captures amazing sky

iPhone 11 Pro captures amazing sky
At the presentation of the iPhone 11, Apple praised the night mode, and for good reason. Photographer Abdul Dremali shared a photograph of the starry sky taken on the iPhone 11 Pro. He noted that this is not a bad result for the phone.

The Verge Editor-in-Chief Nilai Patel also thinks so. He was able to photograph the Milky Way and Saturn on a long exposure.

I’m in the woods, so here’s a 30-second iPhone 11 Pro night shot of the stars and Milky Way. Bright one at the bottom left is Saturn. pic.twitter.com/TUE3MJfDpw/p

– nilay patel (@reckless) September 21, 2019

I’m in the forest, so here’s a 30 second night shot on the Milky Way iPhone 11 Pro and stars. Bright bottom left – Saturn.

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