Why I Love Those Who Hate MacBooks

Why I Love Those Who Hate MacBooks
Apple troubles give a lot of good clicks to any media, and there’s nothing to discuss the degree of popular interest in the company.

So if Apple goes wrong, absolutely everyone will write about it, except a rural newspaper in the Russian countryside.

Apple itself is forced to answer – run replacement programs, send out alerts and press releases, change hardware in the following models. One way or another, problems in 90% of cases are solved with minimal losses for owners.

We will not go far for examples. Now owners of modern MacBook Pros have at least two (some even have three) options to change half of their laptop to a new one within four years after purchase.

Update the battery, the entire display with the top cover, keyboard and speakers – only because one button began to sink. A paid additional guarantee is not needed.

If you do not use macbooks or even hate them for personal reasons, then each news is a gift. Write comments, argue with the “fanatics.” For hours, talk about “jambs of apple” every time someone has the audacity to mention a MacBook in a conversation.

In the comments of wide-profile sites like or, you participate in hate boilers, interrupting each other in an attempt to offend both the company and the owners of its products more.

without noticing it yourself, help those you hate by preventing Apple from silencing the problem.

if you have a MacBook, you check the problem for yourself. Bad luck? Then go to the service for (usually) free repair. Take the laptop away in a week or two.

That’s all, in principle.

What happens when other laptops find problems

Why I Love Those Who Hate MacBooks
I was on the other hand, I used a dozen Windows laptops of various types and manufacturers. Wi-Fi falls off, the video card dies, the battery swells, and so on. What happens next?


Large sites do not write about this. No scandal, mass silence. Only the inconspicuous whisper of three losers in the corner who spent money.

A laptop from a famous Korean / American manufacturer does not need anyone, including himself. The problem is solely yours, as well as the small crowd of unhappy users.

The manufacturer is silent and generally ignores the situation. What for? There is no need to publicly acknowledge the error – the media absolutely do not give a damn about the next Windows coffin. The voice of its users is not interesting to anyone. It’s better to wait, confining yourself to common words.

In the meantime, you are reinstalling the system, rolling drivers back for weeks. Drag the laptop into the service until the Russian warranty expires – including for money, because the manufacturer does not recognize your “cant” as marriage.

Official support forums also recommend reinstalling Windows, but you tried – it didn’t help. The branch of the model on grows to cosmic dimensions. Owners complain more and more, trying to solve the problem by folk methods. Sometimes it helps, but more often not.

The manufacturer, meanwhile, has released 10 more laptops, but yours finally scored.

That’s all, in principle.

Here why I love Apple haters

Why I Love Those Who Hate MacBooks
Reliability is a relative and rarely objective concept in the age of the Internet. Here’s the problem:

One device breaks down in 1 case out of 5. Only 10 thousand of its owners can find out about it.

The second device breaks down in 1 case out of 100. They instantly find out 10 million people, most of whom do not own it.

Now guess which one will be considered unreliable among the people.

I know, the answer is simple. He also makes you think and come to an unexpected conclusion.

Noise, scandals, complaints, official replacement programs make the MacBook statistically the most reliable purchase. Even if something goes wrong, a collective howl through media megaphones will get Apple’s reaction and, ultimately, a solution to the problem.

Meanwhile, buyers of PC laptops in 95% of cases remain face to face with the problem. There are very few buyers of each model on a global scale, even the crowd will not be typed. And there’s nowhere to shout – it’s not interesting to anyone, including the manufacturer.

So while the masses scold the MacBook for every mistake, I’ll absolutely objectively, with the support of inexorable statistics, continue to buy them. And silently thank everyone, including frank haters.

More noise – less of my problems. And yours, while using macbooks.

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