The MacBook Pro keyboard does not break due to dust. This is nonsense

The MacBook Pro keyboard does not break due to dust. This is nonsense
Shortly after the release of the MacBook in 2015, users began to complain that their keyboard was sticking. Apple’s position on this is that somehow the dust enters the keyboard and causes a malfunction.

A former technician is sure that this is a lie. To refute the version of Apple, he disassembled the non-working 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017. It uses the second generation of the Butterfly keyboard.

The presence of crumbs under the keyboard can really disrupt the mechanism. In this case, the key travel will decrease, but they will still work.

In the third-generation keyboard, Apple solved this problem by adding silicone protection around the perimeter of each button. It should reduce the ingress of large particles.

When parsing a button, you may find that Apple has made a sufficient number of attempts to protect it. Around each button there is a transparent film that completely covers the switch.

It is needed not only to prevent dust, but also to protect the metal switch from mechanical influences.

Also inside the button is black ribbon material. It was not difficult to remove it, but it is firmly glued to the plastic frame. This is another barrier to dust.

The bottom of the keyboard is protected by a large silicone film. Probably, it is needed for thermal insulation and for additional protection against dust and crumbs from getting inside.

The MacBook Pro keyboard does not break due to dust. This is nonsense
As a result, the author identified three reasons why a keyboard may stick in theory:

    1. Dust: the most popular reason Apple is sticking to;
    2. High temperature: it is assumed that due to poor cooling of Apple laptops, the materials inside the keyboard expand and it crashes;
    3. Unsuccessful design: mistakes were made in the design of the keyboard, which led to numerous complaints.

Following Technical specialist, at the moment there is no evidence that the keys stick because of dust.

He tried to heat the keyboard to 300 degrees Celsius, but there were no problems with the course of the keys. At the same time, the MacBook Pro can heat up to 70-100 degrees.

As a result, he tends to the version that Apple made mistakes in the development of the keyboard that it could not detect for four years.

An extended keyboard replacement warranty does not solve the problem, because Apple replaces a broken part with a similar part. In addition, after five years, problematic laptops will move into the category of vintage and obsolete devices, so the company will not provide spare parts for repairs. [Reddit]

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