Apple will start repairing MacBook keyboards in one day

Apple will start repairing MacBook keyboards in one day
Apple sent out notifications to Apple Store employees stating that keyboard repair should be a priority for Genius Bar employees.

Company management wants the breakdown to be fixed within one day. Ideally, the customer should receive a refurbished MacBook the day after contacting.

For this, additional parts were sent to the Apple Store so as not to transfer broken laptops to authorized service centers.

Probably the company wants to speed up the process to reduce customer frustration.

Typically, replacing a keyboard in a service center takes three to five business days, and sometimes more if there is no spare part. Therefore, an accelerated repair by Apple Store employees will be a great bonus for upset MacBook owners.

Unfortunately, this news only applies to the Apple Store. Since there are no Apple retail stores in Russia and all devices are being repaired at authorized service centers, the repair deadlines remain the same.

Starting in 2015, when Apple switched to a new type of keyboard, users began to complain about sticky keys. A few years later, Apple recognized the problem and provided an extended warranty on the repair of the keyboard of all laptops released from 2015 to 2017. [MacRumors]

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