This bug in the MacBook is already three years old. Apple doesn’t want to fix it

This bug in the MacBook is already three years old. Apple doesn't want to fix it
Despite the periodic updates of macOS, MacBook users have been complaining about the one and only problem for about 3 years now.

When playing streaming video from YouTube, Netflix or any other similar services, the image is for a split second may not display correctly.

There is no specific scenario for the problem to appear: forum visitors describe the bug in different ways, from the sudden appearance of “artifacts” to the most real “clutter”, as in the example below.

Judging by some reports, this problem is observed only in Ma cBook Pro starting with 2015 models. It doesn’t matter what browser is used when watching streaming video: at any time a bug can manifest itself.

Users agree that the error lies in the drivers for the video card and is not related to the hardware component of Apple laptops.

At the moment, the problem with playing the video is not resolved. There are several open topics dedicated to this bug on popular western sites of Reddit, Macrumors and others, where users exchange possible solutions to this problem, but to no avail.

It is rumored that this bug will be fixed in the next macOS update Mojave 10.14.4, however, as of today there is no exact information.

Have you encountered a similar problem while watching YouTube?

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