Apple apologizes for a bad keyboard on a MacBook

Apple apologizes for a bad keyboard on a MacBook
Some users of the latest MacBook models have keyboard problems again. This was told by Joanne Stern of the Wall Street Journal after a study.

The new keyboard should have stopped sticking, but not everyone was lucky with that. Apple made an official comment on this occasion:

We know that a small number of users have problems with the third-generation butterfly keyboard, and we regret it. The vast majority of Mac laptop users have positive experience with the new keyboard.

At one time, the Cupertinos launched the MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard maintenance programs because of too many complaints.

Nevertheless , the third generation of “butterflies” is not in it. It is not known whether the company will repair such laptops under warranty. But worth a try. No wonder Apple made it clear that this is not an isolated problem. [9to5]

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