Apple changes MacBook Pro 2015 to 2018 model, but on one condition

Apple changes MacBook Pro 2015 to 2018 model, but on one condition
A Reddit user managed to take advantage of the 2015 replacement MacBook Pro with a new one. This was all due to the anti-glare coating that had come off for the third time.

In early 2015, users began to complain about peeling anti-glare coating on the MacBook Pro. Six months later, Apple recognized the problem and launched a free warranty display replacement program.

Later, a similar problem could be addressed up to four years after the purchase of the MacBook Pro. Apple agreed to perform a free repair.

A guy came to an Apple Store representative demanding a replacement for the MacBook Pro 2015.

They went to meet him and gave out a new 15-inch MacBook Pro in 2018 that corresponded for free the initial cost of the MacBook Pro 2015. All because the factory defect appeared a third time after two preliminary repairs.

If your MacBook Pro had a similar story, try the same. First of all, you should contact Apple online support to find out if a repair or warranty replacement is possible in your case.

Remember that the basic warranty on the MacBook Pro is valid for two years. On the keyboard and anti-reflective coating – four years from the date of purchase. You can check specifically your model by serial number here.

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