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iOS 13.2 did not fix Internet issues on iPhone

iOS 13.2 did not fix Internet issues on iPhone
The network is working, but the Internet is not

Users continue to complain about communication problems, in fact the network is periodically inoperative. We can confirm this too. Below are complaints about the final release of iOS 13.1.2.

@AppleSupport I lost cellular data constantly after being using WiFi connectivity after iOS 13.1.2 update. There is 4G signal indicator but no internet. What can I do? Is this an issue that could be solved with a new update?

– TheChilean (@TheChilean_) October 2, 2019

I constantly lose cellular data after disconnecting WiFi after updating to iOS 13.1 .2. There is a 4G signal indicator, but no internet. What can I do? This problem can be solved with the new update?

Still having odd connection issues. Anytime I switch off WiFi and go back to LTE I get this. No apps will update and no internet. Requires a full reboot. I’m on iOS 13.1.2 as well.

Time for the 4th reboot of the day.

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