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Why iOS 13 updates come out so often, and that’s good

Why iOS 13 updates come out so often, and that's good

Apple is trying to fix all the bugs

as soon as possible. Apparently, such frequent updates are aimed at quickly closing all vulnerabilities and correcting errors made by programmers during the development of iOS 13.

For this reason, iOS 13.1 was released on September 24th instead of the 30th. Subsequent updates also come out. The company hastened to release the operating system, fixing major critical bugs, and decided to fix the rest with later firmware.

On the one hand, it’s bad that we got a “raw” OS. On the other hand, it’s good that the Cupertinians are trying to fix everything in a short time.

I’m glad that the company wants to rectify the situation and is promptly responding to the community feedback. This is not Android, in which minor bug fixes can be expected for months.

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