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Apple admitted that iPhone is expensive

Apple admitted that iPhone is expensive
Apple Executive Director Jeff Williams told Elon University students about his work at the company.

During the lecture, one of the students suggested that the Cupertinians earn too much on the same iPhones.

He made this conclusion after numerous negative reports of analytical companies, which indicate a high “margin” from each device. Williams said that they are wrong.

Talks about the estimated value of Apple products are always perplexing.

Analysts don’t understand what it is made of and what enormous efforts the company puts into their development.

For example, when designing the Apple Watch, a physiological laboratory was created in which 40 nurses work and 10 thousand people take part.

Despite the statements of analysts, Apple is good at know about pricing problems.

We don’t want to be an elite company. This is not true. We want to be an egalitarian company, and we still have a lot of work to do in emerging markets.

– Jeff Williams

If Apple really agrees that the company has problems with the cost of their technology , it remains to wait for price reductions. But so far this is not a question. [MacRumors]

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