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Why not buy leaky smartphones

Why not buy leaky smartphones
The display area is dead, the notification center is shifted to the right

After reading opinions on the Samsung Galaxy A8s and Honor View 20, I came to a certain conclusion. Space on the smartphone screen is not much more. If it has been added at all.

The camera does not connect to the frames with black body materials. Instead, they are filled pixels. This makes the camera less noticeable when the display is off, and yes, it looks prettier.

True, the pluses end there. There is nothing useful at 12 pixels between the top of the cutout and the bottom of the frame. The camera is still in the notification area, so you are still losing space for useful information. It is replaced by a lens.

Why not buy leaky smartphones
The distance difference is huge

In Honor View 20, the hole is generally asymmetrical in relation to the side and top of the smartphone. Due to what even more space for data is cut.

And if the cutout is somehow beaten in iPhone X and higher, an infrared scanner with a dot projector is hidden under it, then what is the lens stand out for? It’s just a camera going through the display, nothing more.

Camera asymmetry will annoy you

Why not buy leaky smartphones
Even in iPhone X clones, the notch is clearly centered. There is no variation from one corner to another. And what do we see on point-cut smartphones?

Manufacturers cannot place the camera in the center of the screen, because it will “eat up” even more useful area. So let’s put it in one of the corners! It doesn’t matter which one, even from below, which is already there.

There is a “hole” in the corner of the gadget that you will see and not see at the same time. Moreover, the second happens more often when you unlock the device or a quick look at messages. Yes, when watching movies and in games, it is almost invisible, but similar devices are used not only for these purposes.

Why not buy leaky smartphones
There was a camera on the left, it became on the right. Is this normal at all?

It creates a feeling of discomfort from the fact that they are trying to deceive you visually. It seems there is no cutout, it is carefully hidden, but you still see it again, again and again. Some kind of manic feeling, to be honest.

Next – more. That camera in one gadget on the left, then on the right. And the radii of the angle of the screen and the circle of the camera do not match. Such an “innovation” looks extremely ridiculous. Manufacturers cannot physically twist the elements of the case in a single style.

We must survive this. So far,

Why not buy leaky smartphones
is not getting rid of “holey” cutouts Apple has launched a trend for frameless smartphones, although it was not the first in this industry. But there is one big difference between the Cupertinians and other manufacturers.

Look at the bottom of the screen of any smartphone with a cutout. See? There is a “chin.”

Why not buy leaky smartphones
So far no one has got rid of this part, except for Apple

a California company managed to create a new trend thanks to a single cutout on the screen. It seems that in the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR the screen crashes into the frame.

It looks awkward for competitors. The impression is that they simply laid frames / cutout under the camera above and below the display.

Apple never positioned a notch in the screen like a cutout. On the contrary, the focus of users is on the increased information area. This is the difference in approaches.

Most devices already have an unfortunate cutout, even a drop-shaped one. And we need to survive this moment together until the real era of completely frameless smartphones comes.

In the meantime, get used to the “holes” in different parts of the screen.

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