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I drowned the iPhone Xs, but Apple refunded me

I drowned the iPhone Xs, but Apple refunded me
Fine print, point 2 of the official description of the iPhone Xs on Apple.

Which, alas, cannot be said about the presentation of the flagships.

Spoiler: it is better not to drop your iPhone in water. Then you can prove your case to Apple for a very long time.

My iPhone Xs fell into a shallow pool

I drowned the iPhone Xs, but Apple refunded me
We publish the story of a Reddit user who, no matter how loud it sounds, became a victim of the company’s marketing.

In September, I bought an iPhone Xs. And already in early December, accidentally dropped it into his sister’s pool. Its depth is about 1.1 meters.

I immediately jumped into the water, caught an iPhone, turned it off and left it to dry for several hours. I did everything that Apple advises on the official website.

After a couple of hours, I turned on the iPhone. He turned on, everything was in order. Great.

But a few weeks later the smartphone began to fail. It rebooted itself every 3 to 5 minutes.

I restored it using my backup from June 2018. Then I tried to reset to the state of the new iPhone. And the reboots seem to have stopped.

And after four days it all started in a new way. I had to repeat the recovery procedure again. The iPhone started working fine again.

Since I was with my parents, I didn’t have a chance to look at the Apple Store.

Finally, I got to the representatives of Genius Bar and told the whole story. A technical specialist explained to me that this could happen due to a failure in the firmware, but advised me to contact again if the iPhone continues to behave this way.

Apple service solution: refuse to repair

I drowned the iPhone Xs, but Apple refunded me
Here in iPhone Xs is the same marker. You can look at your SIM card. Red color guarantees refusal to repair.

And so two weeks passed before endless reboots started again. About every 8 minutes, the iPhone went into reboot. And all this was accompanied by a flickering display: from bright to dark green.

I again went to the Apple Store, where they told me that the service representatives would open it to find out what the problem is and if there are any damages .

Two hours later I was informed that the moisture markers turned red, which means that I had to refuse a warranty repair.

Any contact with the liquid is not covered by the warranty, these are the rules of Apple.

Over the next 45 minutes I talked with one of the store managers, because I completely disagree with the decision of the service .

If you review the presentation of the iPhone Xs, you can clearly hear the words of Phil Schiller about water resistance according to the IP68 standard.

Most interesting at 40 minutes 40 seconds.

iPhone Xs can withstand diving to a depth of two meters for 30 minutes. If you accidentally dropped it into the pool, you can safely dive and get your iPhone. It will be in perfect order.

Phil Schiller, iPhone Xs presentation, September 2018

My iPhone Xs only once went into the water.

Then the manager told me that he can offer as an exception a 25 percent discount on replacing the device. But I was not ready to pay another 600 for a smartphone that had recently cost me 1600.

A few more options converged on one thing: they won’t change my smartphone for free due to liquid damage.

In a dialogue with the manager, I emphasized that I am absolutely honest and sincere with her, but at the same time I feel cheated.

I got the feeling that Apple is promoting false advertising. First, she says that the smartphone can be dropped into the pool and nothing will happen to him, and then she refuses her statement.

The girl agreed with everything cute, making it clear that she is herself a hostage to the situation. All I could do was warn her that I would file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Protection of the state in connection with knowingly false statements by Apple.

I nevertheless changed my iPhone for free

I drowned the iPhone Xs, but Apple refunded me
Phil Schiller’s loud statement can now lead to big financial losses for the company.

Well, I filed a complaint. The specialist I contacted said that before my application reached the head of Apple Australia, it went through six different instances.

As a result, I received a positive response. Apple agreed to replace the iPhone with a new one for free.

The representative of the consumer protection department later explained to me that large companies are trying to smooth out such conflicts so as not to cause a public outcry.

Alas, I’m all -so I’ll try to cause such a resonance, because Apple, sorry, frankly crap guarantee conditions.

So, if you are in this situation, feel free to contact the appropriate services.

I drowned the iPhone Xs, but Apple refunded me
No, I have no feeling hatred of Apple and anger at this company. I like her products. I use iMac, MacBook Pro, Apple TV. There is even an old iPad.

I just don’t agree with their crazy policy. You don’t need to make loud statements if you are not going to meet the buyer later and decide the consequences of the guarantee.

I understand that water resistance can deteriorate over time, but not six weeks after the purchase?

Splash protection, full water protection, different IPXX standards – yes, you could get into these subtleties provided that Apple itself did not bring a life situation.

When you get into the pool up to 2 deep meters and stay there for no more than 30 minutes iPhone Xs should work as before.

But in reality it doesn’t work out that way.

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