USB-C MacBook Can Be Hacked By Charge Cable

USB-C MacBook Can Be Hacked By Charge Cable
A security specialist, known as MG, showed the BBC that hacking laptops equipped with a USB-C port was possible. Any gadget in which a similar port acts as a charger can be hacked using a modified power supply.

To access the laptop, an additional electronic component is added to the charger. At the same time, the charger does not lose its main function – the laptop still perceives the accessory as a power supply.

The modified charger allows you to display a fake login form, having access to the login and password.

The hacker demonstrated the process of hacking on the video:

Demo of a work in progress. I’m looking for help with writing payloads. Come chat with me at @defcon if you’d like to collaborate.

Power adapter. Silent infection. Cross platform. Not just Apple hardware.

Project page with info:
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– MG ( @_MG_) August 3, 2018

The guy does not disclose details of the hacking, since this information can be used for criminal purposes.

All developers who are interested in fixing this vulnerability were invited by MG to DEF CON. In the meantime, he gave advice to owners of laptops with USB Type-C – not to use chargers of unknown origin. [TechRadar]

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