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Apple promised to fix iOS 13 major flaw

Apple promised to fix iOS 13 major flaw
With the release of the first beta of iOS 13, you probably noticed that 3D Touch on all supported iPhones stopped working normally. Long presses are now used instead.

And if someone thought Apple wanted to get rid of 3D Touch, now you can breathe out quietly.

I emailed Craig Frederighi about the 3D Touch getting removed from iOS 13 Beta 1, looks like its actually a bug. Not removed.

– Don (@donbytyqi) June 11, 2019

Craig Federigi, Apple’s vice president of software, confirmed that it was just a bug. In the next beta version of iOS 13, everything will work as before.

Does this mean that the company will continue to continue to use 3D Touch in iPhones? Time will tell.

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