Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
You can choose a specific format for each video or use the general settings for mass processing of videos

Step 2. Choose the format you want to convert in the drop-down menu.

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
In the Device menu presets for processing video for a specific device

Step 3. Press the Convert button and wait for the process to finish.

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
The converter works very fast even on not very productive Macs

. For the video to work fine on a weak computer, I he reduced its resolution from 1920×1080 to 1280×720 pixels in the Resolution line in the format selection menu.

To make videos run on TV without any problems, changed the format to AVI and the codec from H.264 to Divx in the Encoder line.

With all the additional manipulations, my 13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in the database managed in 10-12 minutes. A great result and a minimum of gestures!

And Windows computers do not support the MOV format, and I repeatedly transferred videos to MP4 to share videos with relatives and friends.

This converter supports more 1000 file formats

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
So flexible settings really hit

I doubt very much that at least one of you will have problems choosing a video format when converting through Wondershare Free Video Converter. Their set is really impressive.

Main input formats:

  • MP4: H.264 / AVC, XVID, MPEG 4, MJPEG, ProRes, H.263, DIVX, HEVC /H.265/li
  • MOV: H.264 / AVC, XVID, MPEG 4, MJPEG, ProRes, Apple intermedia Codec, DNxHD, Sorenson 1/3, HEVC / H.265
  • MKV: H.264 / AVC, XVID, MPEG 4, MJPEG, DIVX, VC 1, Theora, DV, Uncompressed, MPEG, HEVC / H.265
  • M4V: H.264 / AVC, XVID , MPEG 4, MJPEG, ProRes, H.263, HEVC / H.265
  • FLV: Screen Video, H.264 / AVC, VP6, H.263

br / Main outgoing formats:

  • MP4: MPEG 4, H.264, HEVC / H.265
  • WMV: WMV1, WMV2, WMV3, VC 1
  • MOV: H.264, XVID
  • MKV: H.264, XVID, HEVC / H. 265

During the video conversion, you can choose a specific form At and codecs for video and audio, use preset presets for Apple, Samsung and Sony mobile devices, as well as TVs.

You also have the opportunity to independently configure the frame rate (Frame Rate), resolution (Resolution) and even the Bit Rate.

Note: the converter can easily handle 4K videos and the new HEVC format that Apple is actively promoting.

You can even upload videos via YouTube

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
Maximum quality is available only in the paid version of the program

The developers have built in an envelope the ability to download videos from YouTube and other video services: Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo.

To do this, just copy the link to the video from the browser address bar, open the application, go to the Download section, click on the Paste URL button, select the quality and download it with the Download button.

This is a full-fledged file downloader with the ability to pause one or more download processes and continue at a convenient time.

You can also schedule an action to be used after download: close the application, go to p press sleep or shut down your computer.

What there are still interesting opportunities

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
Example of filters

Editing clips. If you don’t need a professional video editor and need a simple solution to crop and flip the video, Wondershare Free Video Converter will help.

With it, you can also adjust the brightness, contrast and color of the video, as well as apply a filter which will make it more atmospheric.

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
DVD burning process

Working with video on DVD. If you are still watching movies on DVD at home or in the car, this free video converter will help you convert them to digital format or dub them.

For example, I recently burned a second Terminator to DVD to watch it on the go with Mercedes CLS passenger seat 2008.

The test was successful, but for it I needed an old MacBook Pro with a DVD drive.

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
Interface recording settings

Record system interface. If standard macOS tools do not suit you, be sure to pay attention to the capabilities of Wondershare Free Video Converter.

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
Via a ready-made USB clip, you will be able to reset

to any device Using mobile devices. If you want to reset the selection of videos (movies, TV shows) directly to the gallery of your iPhone, using this converter you can both choose the required format and synchronize the device.

A similar story with devices based on the Android operating system.

Paid and free converter, what is the difference:

  • Watermark converter. The free version leaves its logo on every video when converting or editing.
  • Acceleration via GPU. The paid option makes it possible to accelerate the conversion speed using discrete graphics.
  • Download video. The free version can only download one video at a time and only from YouTube.
  • Download audio. The paid version also can download music from videos on YouTube and other services.
  • Record the interface. The full version of the converter is capable of recording system and application elements without restrictions.

Why we chose Wondershare Free Video Converter

Understood in a free video converter for Mac. Decent
1. It is very easy to use: in it has all the necessary presets for different devices, and the conversion process takes only five steps.

2. The converter has enough features for experienced users who can configure all the video output parameters in detail.

3. In total, the application works with 1000 formats, and you can use any necessary oh taste.

4. The program supports a number of additional features: from working with a DVD to burning a screen.

5. If your Mac has discrete graphics, you can use all its features 100%.
Free Wondershare Video Converter | Paid version Premium (from 9.95)

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