What you need to know about warranty replacement MacBook keyboard in Russia

What you need to know about warranty replacement MacBook keyboard in Russia Learn more about this on the Apple website. The information has not yet been translated into Russian, but will adapt it soon.

I took a MacBook in the USA, what should I do?

Feel free to call the nearest authorized service center and request warranty repairs. According to Apple policy:

Warranty repair applies to all participating in the MacBook, regardless of the country where it was purchased.

Taken in the US? It’s okay, the Russian SC is obliged to serve you.

Can I have a keyboard repair?

What you need to know about warranty replacement MacBook keyboard in Russia
Yes, they can.

Before service representatives rush to repair your MacBook, they will conduct a thorough diagnosis. They can refuse if:

  • the gadget has serious physical damage that could cause a breakdown
  • there are signs of contact with water
  • preliminary repairs were not performed in an authorized service center and in violation of Apple
  • standards there is no check confirming the purchase of the device *

* Secret: In the service center they may not require a check by accepting a MacBook on diagnostics and so on. In any case, its presence is desirable.

And they may also refuse because the SC you contacted does not have the necessary equipment. That is why before you go to the service center, please call.

What should I do with my MacBook before the repair?

Please note that all data on the MacBook will be deleted. That is why do not forget to back up the data and enable FileVault encryption.

Is it possible to do without repairs?

Theoretically, yes. The only question is how much these preventative methods will suffice.

Apple suggests using the MacBook keyboard cleaning instructions. Compressed air is good, but hardware intervention is definitely better.

For advice: do not delay repair. If you have problems with the keyboard, contact an Apple Service Center and request a free warranty repair.

When can I go to a service center?

Yes, even now. In Russia, the warranty repair program for butterfly-type keyboards has already been launched.

The main thing is not to be too lazy to call the service center first and clarify the repair details. Remember that its representatives may refuse to repair only because they do not have the necessary equipment.

Do not forget to bring along an identification document and a check. May require. A complete list of authorized service centers operating in Russia can be found here.

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