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IOS 13 removed mobile app download restrictions

IOS 13 removed mobile app download restrictions In the window that opens, the system will offer you to choose what to do when downloading applications over the cellular network:

▪️ Always Allow – always download applications of any size;
▪️ Ask If Over 200 MB – ask when downloading applications that weigh more than 200 MB;
▪️ Ask First – ask before each download.

IOS 13 removed mobile app download restrictions
When one of the last two items is selected, when downloading a large application or game, a pop-up window will appear with options: continue to download or wait for the smartphone to connect to Wi-Fi.

Since the first iOS release in tem has always been a limit on the file size, so that users do not accidentally downloaded it. But in the era of unlimited Internet, many people don’t need this setting.

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