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iPhone 11 will receive a matte case and a normal Face ID

iPhone 11 will receive a matte case and a normal Face ID Well-known blogger EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach from the XDA forum shared new details about iPhone 11 and iOS 13.

The most important update is below.

iPhone 11

▪ The new Face ID scanner with an increased viewing angle. Perhaps even on the table it will normally read the face

▪️ iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will receive screens with diagonals of 5.8 and 6.5 inches respectively

▪️ Flagships will receive a triple main camera, the third of which on 12 MP, with a viewing angle of 120 degrees

▪️ Apple is considering the possibility of introducing optical stabilization for all three cameras, but this function may not appear this year. It will be postponed until 2020

▪️ The protrusion under the cameras will become thinner than ever

▪️ New improved flash

▪️ Apple will boost the Smart HDR function. It is argued that it will be better than in Google Pixel, Samsung and Huawei smartphones

▪️ The case will be matte, and stereo speakers will become noticeably louder than

iOS 13

▪️ The dark theme will consist of black and gray shades, but we are not talking about the “true black” color of

▪️ Siri will become smarter, will begin to better understand the context and several voice commands in turn

▪️ Intelligent memory management. iOS will study user habits and preload the most used applications

▪️ Enhanced protection against hacking and jailbreak


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