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6 Important Chips Apple Should Copy From Google

6 Important Chips Apple Should Copy From Google The new generation of Google Pixel boasts Top Shot function: this is when a smartphone, having taken serial shots, recommends the best photo of all, analyzing images using machine learning.

The algorithm independently evaluates smiles, takes into account open eyes and the direction of the gaze of people in the frame. Creative commercial demonstrates a new feature better.

Apple, I don’t want to waste time choosing a suitable shot from the series. The most powerful hardware in your new smartphones, let them do everything themselves.

2. Photobooth, which makes shooting easier

6 Important Chips Apple Should Copy From Google
Google smartphones can take photos automatically. The software can decide when to take the best photo. The algorithm can be configured to smile, grimace, sticking out its tongue, etc.

If competitors already have this, then I look forward to the same from Cupertinovites. In the yard is the 21st century, after all.

Apple, when will the iPhone already understand any user wishes on its own?

3. Call Screen, which fights against spam

6 Important Chips Apple Should Copy From Google
Those who are tired of calls from banks with loan offers or telephone polls, the new Google feature will be received with a bang .

The bottom line is that when a call comes from an unknown subscriber, the Call Screen function allows you to deal with the “problem” with your personal secretary – Google Assistant.

The program will introduce itself to the caller and ask what he wants from the owner, who in turn will see the conversation as text. How it works can be seen in the video.

Apple, poorly teach Siri this?

4. The unlimited cloud that we deserve

6 Important Chips Apple Should Copy From Google
Apple completely limits iPhone owners in iCloud free space, only 5 GB. This is only enough to create a backup.

Buying Google Pixel 3, the consumer gets the opportunity to backup their photos in the original resolution. Moreover, the owner of the device will receive an unlimited cloud until January 2022. A serious bonus.

Apple, is it weak for owners of new devices to imagine such “buns”?

5. Pixel Stand – the wireless charging that exists

6 Important Chips Apple Should Copy From Google
While Apple engineers apparently continue to struggle with the hardware problems of the innovative wireless (mythical) AirPower charging station, Google released for sale Pixel Stand.

This is a proprietary Qi wireless charger, when installed on which the smartphone receives several additional functions.

For example, a slideshow of photos in memory (you can select a photo album from your Google Photos account), an interactive calendar, music player and upgraded a sistent. In other words, the Pixel Stand will turn the smartphone into a kind of photo frame.

Apple, can you release at least some proprietary wireless device?

6. Automatic analog of Shazam

6 Important Chips Apple Should Copy From Google
A year ago, a blocking function called “Now playing” appeared in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

If music plays next to the smartphone, the smartphone displays the name of the artist and the name of the song at the bottom of the screen. In Pixel 3, you can also see the history of tracks listened to by the smartphone. The smartphone remembers the time and date the song was determined. This is incredibly convenient.

In iPhones, to find out the name of the song you are listening to, you need to ask Siri for the name or run Shazam.

Apple, why did you buy Shazam if you are not developing the service?

I think that most users of iPhones would be happy if the above functions would appear in their smartphones. Apple, you started by copying portrait mode, go on.

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