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Apple shares fall amid poor iPhone Xr sales

Apple shares fall amid poor iPhone Xr sales After the September announcement, it seemed to many that the iPhone Xr could become a smartphone that would not only easily overtake the flagship iPhone Xs and Xs Max in sales, but could surpass the success of the iPhone 6/6 Plus.

But a miracle did not happen. After optimistic forecasts of 100 million devices sold, one of the most respected analysts, Min-Chi Kuo, revised the expected pace of sales of the “affordable” iPhone Xr, reducing the total number of iPhones sold to 70 million / p

. Kuo noted that iPhone Xr wasn’t bought. as good as planned at the company. Increased demand is still observed on the iPhone Xs and models of past years.

And to look objective, he immediately cited several factors that influenced the potential number of sales of Apple smartphones:

1. The Chinese market , which has become somewhat indifferent to Apple
2 technology. Less active demand for the iPhone XR than
3 expected. Competition from Huawei (in particular, the model line of the 20th series)

Nevertheless, Apple will be able to keep smartphone sales for the fourth quarter of 2018 at the level of 75 – 80 million devices. But in Q1 2019, according to Kuo, Apple will manage to sell no more than 47 – 52 million smartphones.

Alas, after the company decided not to publish figures on the number of smartphones sold in reports, it will not be easy to find out the real demand.

Against the background of forecasts and the lack of demand for the iPhone Xr, Apple shares fell 4%, reaching the lowest level since late July. [MacRumors]

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