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Not fair. This useful iOS feature only works on iPhone XR.

Not fair. This useful iOS feature only works on iPhone XR. Great news for iPhone XR owners. In iOS 12.1.1 beta 2, they found one useful feature that is not found on other iPhones without 3D Touch.

The bottom line is that you can hold your finger on the notification longer to see its contents. However, the application itself will not open.

And this function is available only on the iPhone XR. Alas, it is no longer on any iPhone without 3D Touch. Even on iPhone SE.

Apparently, this was achieved thanks to the Haptic Touch, which allows recognizing several types of pressures:

• Normal touch
• Touch with a short hold to move shortcuts and
files • Long-touch touch to remove applications from the desktop
• Long-touch touch to display a list of recently opened
files • And long-click on notifications to access additional functions of

Wow! And even a special display is not needed. It’s a pity that such a chip is not available for older iPhones. [9to5]

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