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iPhone Xr Buying Worse Than Apple Planned

iPhone Xr Buying Worse Than Apple Planned Even on the day of the announcement, iPhone Xr was credited with the fate of Apple’s best-selling smartphone in recent years.

Anyway, a device with a top processor and camera for a much lower price than the flagship iPhone Xs and Xs Max to the title of bestseller.

But, it seems, a miracle did not happen. According to Nikkei, Apple has warned key suppliers that it has phased out plans to ramp up production of the iPhone Xr.

The Apple report has a clear description of the current state of sales. Analysts of the company noted that the demand for the iPhone Xr was disappointing.

To date, Foxconn factory has about 60 production lines engaged in the production of iPhone Xr.

But in reality only 45 are used, since Apple warned Foxconn that there was no need to release such an impressive number of models.

According to analysts, the demand for the iPhone Xr was 20-25% lower than expected. Either the price of 749 was too high, or buyers still prefer flagships. [MacRumors]

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