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iPhone Xr better crashes than iPhone 8

iPhone Xr better crashes than iPhone 8 iPhone 8 survived the ordeal exactly until the sixth fall. Having fallen flat from a height of about 1.7 – 1.8 meters, the G8’s display failed, but the smartphone itself continued to work.

iPhone Xr better crashes than iPhone 8
But the iPhone Xr survived with dignity and this fall, despite that landed flat on the display. Further – more.

Climbing the ladder, the blogger threw the iPhone Xr from a height of three meters. At the first drop, the smartphone fell on the aluminum frame edge. Glasses survived.

iPhone Xr better crashes than iPhone 8
The second drop was fatal. The gadget landed flat on the back side and immediately covered with a net. IPhone 8 received much more damage from identical falls.

iPhone Xr completely hung with the display on after the 13th fall. After staying in this state for a couple of minutes, the device rebooted and continued to work, despite the damage to the screen.

One conclusion can be made: iPhone Xr is much stronger than iPhone 8. But in any case, you need a smartphone protect case.

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