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The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take

The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take iPhone Xs Max (left) and iPhone Xr

It’s worth starting with the fact that The Verge reporters called the review very optimistic: “Better than just good.” And this is about the iPhone Xr. The edition calls the main difference between the more expensive iPhone Xs and X R .

if the screen is the highest priority for you and you want an “with natural black” OLED matrix, get ready to pay 250 , and you will get it.

Otherwise, Xr is: the same A12 Bionic processor, support for Smart HDR, the same gesture control as Xs and Xs Max, support for wireless charging. Moreover, X R will support work with two SIM-cards (alas, not in Russia).

The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take
Now about the differences. The iPhone Xr has only one main camera – there is no TV sensor in the model. More affordable iPhone significantly more Xs. Finally, instead of steel, the frames X R are made of aluminum. Well, the main bonus is six different colors of the case at once.

What I liked: IPS-display differs from the previous generation iPhones for the better. Apple cunningly disguised the display backlight by putting a small tint layer on the glass of the device – a tribute to the design and attention to detail is still in the company’s blood. The display is protected by the same glass as the iPhone Xs.

Size X R is ideally located between the entire line of Apple smartphones. Just between the dimensions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (and related devices).

The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take
In most scenarios, the iPhone Xr camera is not inferior to the flagship Xs and Xs Max. Sometimes it is impossible to notice the difference in the photos taken by Xs and X R . In addition, the iPhone Xr has a more advanced portrait mode of a selfie camera.

The X R has an impressive battery, it is larger than the X and Xs. Autonomy is enough for 13 hours of active use.

The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take
What I didn’t like: just huge frames around the perimeter of the display, they can’t be seen. The iPhone Xr does not have 3D Touch, its counterpart is the Haptic Touch vibration response, and you will have to get used to it a little. The display does not support Dolby Vision and HDR.

Strange, but there are still no original cases for the iPhone Xr. But the protective glass of the back cover in the iPhone Xr is borrowed from the iPhone X, that is, in terms of impact resistance it is clearly inferior to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

2. Engadget

The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take
Engadget reporters called the iPhone Xr “one of the most interesting smartphones that Apple has released recently.” Moreover, launching sales of two flagships, and a month later launching a new, cheaper model with almost the same features, is extremely unusual for Apple.

And the iPhone Xr turned out to be a good, if not the best offer from the point view of price / quality ratio. Given that the iPhone Xs and Xs Max outperform any Android flagship in performance, X R is unlikely to yield to top iPhones.

Yes, X R 3 GB, not 4 GB of RAM. But at the same time, the iPhone Xr has lower display resolution, which does not unnecessarily load the processor when rendering the interface.

The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take
Feels like the iPhone Xr is not like any iPhone. It’s unusual to hold it in your hand. On the other hand, Xs seems a little small to many, while the iPhone Xs Max does not fit in the hands of people with small hands. And what Apple really didn’t take into account was the premium version of the iPhone in the iPhone Xr. However, everything may change next year.

X R has an LCD display. Apple chose this matrix solely to reduce cost, but, at the same time, did not save on the touch sensor. It operates at a frequency of 120 Hz and provides excellent user interaction with the interface without any delay (not to be confused with the refresh rate of the display).

In conclusion, I would like to say that the iPhone Xr is an excellent smartphone that costs every dollar spent. It is good in everything: from the camera to the body and display.


The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take
iPhone Xr Advantages. Firstly, this smartphone feels like a gadget that clearly costs more than 750. There is a whole palette of shades to choose from, premium glass on the back of the case and aluminum frames look good. Personally, it seems to me that the difference between the iPhone Xs Max and X R is not so much, given the impressive difference in price and very similar hardware.

Face ID works no worse than iPhone Xs , the cameras are gorgeous. frontalka, so generally identical. There is support for wireless charging, good water resistance, autonomy.

The first reviews of the iPhone Xr. Must take
Disadvantages iPhone Xr. Apple has seriously curtailed the functionality of the main camera X R . Specifically in portrait mode. This model does not know how to take photos with blurring the background, if the sensor does not detect a person’s face in the frame.

In the future, unlike iPhone Xs, X R will not receive support for the new ranges of cellular networks that they plan to launch in the United States. However, for Russia this is hardly relevant.

And again, the too slow power supply, which Apple impudently puts in a kit with a new smartphone, annoys. The thickness of the case increased compared to the iPhone Xs was a little more upset. But for many it will be an advantage on the contrary.

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