Intel is preparing a revolutionary processor for the MacBook

Intel is preparing a revolutionary processor for the MacBook Intel has not yet officially announced the characteristics of the new generation of processors in the 2019 line. But something is already known about them.

Macworld published several interesting facts about the new chips at once:

  • Sunny Cove will become the successor to the Skylake family. The name of the processors became known at the end of December 2018.
  • Processors will be manufactured using a 10-nanometer process.
  • High demands are made on the chips regarding the balance of energy efficiency / performance. There is a chance that these chips will appear in the new MacBook, Mac mini and iMac.

br / New processors will receive 50% more execution units than the top integrated graphics Iris Plus 655, in which they 48.

The potential performance of the graphics chip will increase to 1 teraflops.

For comparison: the installed discrete card Vega Pro 16 installed in the MacBook Pro 2018 has a performance of 2.4 teraflops, Radeon Pro 560X – 2.0 teraflops.

Another innovation will be the sixth generation of Wi-Fi module, developed under the standard 802.11ax. If it appears on the MacBook, then Apple laptops will be the first to support gigabit speeds for wireless transfer.

Apple plans to install it in the new iPhone, replacing the Wi-Fi 5 standard that has been used in most devices since 2011 .

There is only one question left – when exactly will Apple take the new chips into service. Considering the company’s ambitious, yet unrealizable plans to switch to ARM processors, it will definitely not be possible to completely abandon Intel chips in the next few years. [9to5]

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