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Three favorite iOS 13 innovations I’ve been waiting endlessly

Three favorite iOS 13 innovations I've been waiting endlessly In iOS 13, active Apple messenger users have made life easier twice, thank you.

I know that it’s not fashionable to love iMessage now. But with my wife and relatives, I prefer to communicate there. Maybe a habit.

One way or another, we constantly exchange photos of our son and not only. It was terribly inconvenient to search for them in chats, if you didn’t remember when and from whom exactly the photo came from.

Now in iMessage there is a separate menu for photos and screenshots. It is available when you tap on the search bar, then click the See all button at the bottom of the window.

Two tabs automatically sort photos / videos and iOS screenshots from all chats simultaneously. You can quickly save any picture to the device’s memory, or click and go to the picchu directly in the correspondence.

There is nothing like this in Telegram or Viber. Unless in Cart you can see all the media files inside one correspondence, but not all at once.

Now iMessage has a powerful and almost perfect search

Three favorite iOS 13 innovations I've been waiting endlessly
When you have large iMessage correspondence branches, finding something specific in them becomes almost impossible. Prior to iOS 13, the search worked in an idiotic fashion: only the last mention of the desired phrase was displayed in the results.

I had to either scroll wildly for weeks or even months ago, or violently recall the context of the correspondence and try to get a more accurate phrase out of my head for search that would not be repeated later.

Now the search displays all phrase matches in all chats, even if it was mentioned at least 150 times in one specific one.

To see them, click on See everything in the output window. A list of chats appears, it remains just to tighten to the desired mention. Also, the search is not reset when choosing a chat, so it’s not a mistake to make a mistake – the results will remain on the last page.

Three favorite iOS 13 innovations I've been waiting endlessly
Such arrows would not hurt when searching inside the chat.

The function is not yet perfect. There is not enough opportunity to find the remaining mentions inside the chat window, having already selected it in the search results. Arrow type before / next, as is customary in text editors.

Otherwise, super.

Made a widget for quick access to Bluetooth from Control Center

Three favorite iOS 13 innovations I've been waiting endlessly
Complained about it a year ago.

It’s good when you have AirPods or Beats. Even if they are now connected to another device, you can find these headphones in the special Sources menu and instantly switch the playback to them.

With other Bluetooth ears it was hard. I had to hide the open application, launch Settings – Bluetooth, tap on the desired model, wait for the connection, close Settings, open the player back …

In iOS 13 you can connect headphones much faster. You open the Control Point with a swipe, hold down the wireless connection widget, and in it – the Bluetooth icon. You immediately get to the list of paired devices.

It remains to tap on the desired and hide the Control Center. By the way, this is one of the reasons why I abandoned AirPods: in iOS 13, connecting “regular” wireless headphones became almost as simple as branding.


I do not like to end the article, but still. What features of iOS 13 personally pleased you the most?

Write in the comments, and a special respect for the small, inconspicuous innovations. Maybe together we’ll find something else good. Just don’t mention the dark topic, it’s obvious.

If you want to refresh your memory, read the full review of 54 iOS 13 innovations. And 12 more hidden features of this firmware.

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