Save up to 60% on food and alcohol before the New Year

Save up to 60% on food and alcohol before the New Year We just take and download the Lenta application for free on the App Store and Google Play.

You download it, create a virtual client card. It is she who gives a pass to the closed discount club.

Now with the application on your smartphone you go to the Ribbon, make your first purchase. Be sure to present a virtual card at the checkout. You can do this directly in the application, or even add a card to Wallet on iOS.

Save up to 60% on food and alcohol before the New Year
After the first purchase, the system analyzes the check and predicts your preferences. Soon, the first discounts appear in the application.

Each of the discounts is exclusively yours. On the price tag in the store it is not! It is accrued precisely after scanning the card at the cash desk.

If you already have a Lenta card, you can register with it and immediately see the offers taking into account the purchase history.

What discounts are available in the app “ Tapes. ” Examples

Save up to 60% on food and alcohol before the New Year
Expected less. Imagine a miserable few percent or, worse, “bonus points”. But the discounts guys are absolutely real here. And serious ones.


When I first bought it from Lenta with the application, I took milk, baby food, vegetables / fruits, sweets and alcohol. Two days later I go into a program and see:

  • Alcohol: 25-40% (!)
  • Fruits and vegetables: 15-30%
  • Milk, cheese and eggs: 25-45%
  • Baby goods: 35-55%
  • Chocolate and sweets: 15-25%

The discount does not apply to the entire category of goods, but to specific items. For example, for one wine there may be a 25% discount, and for another as much as 40%. The same is true for the rest of the products.

Save up to 60% on food and alcohol before the New Year
Therefore, without the application it is like no hands: it allows you to find out what exactly the discount relies on. In order not to lose sight of this, a shopping list is provided.

There you can add any product – just click on the plus sign next to it. When you come to the supermarket, you take out a list and check it. Then you present the card at the checkout, and the unique price shown by the application breaks through the check.

The shopping list, by the way, can be quickly shared in any messenger directly from the application.

Save up to 60% on food and alcohol before the New Year
“Promotional” goods are displayed in the application not from the entire assortment of the Lenta chain of stores, but by availability in the selected hypermarket. It can be changed at any time. Discounts from this are not reset, the selection itself simply changes.

The more you buy at Lenta, the more personal offers and discounts become available. A certain “artificial intelligence” is responsible for this, that is, a self-learning algorithm.

The offers themselves change every 2 weeks.

Save up to 60% on food and alcohol before the New Year
You can also see the list of purchases and the number of bonus points in the application credited to the card. Points – a separate system, it does not affect the amount of the discount. It’s just that they can pay at the cash register and further reduce the amount in the check.

The result is simple: you pay less for what you like.

In comparison with other loyalty programs, I like this more Total. No need to bother with all sorts of “favorite goods” or calculate “bonuses.”

Just pick up the discount list, throw it in the basket and scan the card.

That’s it, profit.

Is there a catch? Is it really free?

Save up to 60% on food and alcohol before the New Year
There is no catch. The only thing that has not yet been done is the ability to order delivery. Perhaps it will appear in the future.

The loyalty card is created in the application absolutely free (in the hypermarkets themselves it costs money). Add to Wallet on iOS – and you can use it without even opening the software itself.

That’s all. Probably the most useful software that you can put on an iPhone before the New Year.

Just remember to make your first purchase in Lenta in advance after creating the card to get personal discounts.

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